1.  Let us not deceive

    2.  Practice grace of words

    3.  Do not build animosity

    4.  Live in acknowledgement of grace

    5.  Work for another's well being


 The Rules

    1.  Obey the law and follow the social morals, and then contribute to the     promotion of the national interests and  the welfare of the people.

    2.  The three bonds and the five moral rules in human relations are the     codes of conducts which carry the meaning of creation, harmony and      order.  Be filial to your parents and loyal to your country. Keep peace in      the family by getting along amicably with your mate. Serve elders with      courtesy, guide your followers with charity, and be faithful to your friends.

    3.  Not-deceiving oneself is a precious clause for believers. Do not deceive      your conscience. Do not cheat and seduce the public.

    4.  Do not form hatred against others in words or action. Find other's good      favor with your great kindness. And ignore other's ignorance about your      own virtue.

    5.  Always reflect on yourself and correct it lest there be any excess or      deficiency.