Daesunjinrihoe as the religious order aims to save the world and build utopia on this earth by practicing the precept of Sangje(The Almighty) to restore the universal conscience to its original condition.






■  Purport

    Kang Jeung San, the Sangje is the Almighty who came down for the express purpose of saving the world after carefully examining the world.

    In a human form, Sangje fundamentally adjusted the erroneous principle of the universe, Sanggeuk (Mutual Conflict), to Sangsaeng (Amalgamated Living). And by dissolving all the hate in this world at its core, the Almighty carried out great work for building utopia on this earth.

    Sangje declared 'The Precept of Daesunjinrihoe' with His omnipotence and immeasurable wisdom for 40 years. Then Sangje returned to the highest throne in heaven to control and govern the entire universe. He is the highest and the most eminent being of the whole universe, Gucheon Eungwon Noeseong Bohwa Cheonjon Sangje

    Daesunjinrihoe has been founded for the purpose of realizing utopia on this earth by executing the will of Sangje of saving the world and by following the laws prescribed by Jo Jeongsan Doju.

    Those willing to follow this truth and feel the affinity with us are welcome to join Daesunjinrihoe.