Kang Jeungsan Sangje

    Sangje has come down to the human world through the beseech of Holy Spirits to save all human and spiritual beings.

    Sangje came to Maitreya Buddha Statue at Keumsan Temple in Korea and stayed there for 30 years after itinerating and looking carefully at the world.

    Sangje, The Almighty, was incarnated as human being at Kang's family in Gobu District's Gaekmang Village of jeonla Province on September 19, 1871. His respected pen name is Jeungsan.

    Sangje proclaimed that all beings shall be saved and the Earthly Paradise realized by the religious principle of Daesunjinri.

    Sangje ascended to Heaven on June 24, 1909 after accomplishing Samgyegongsa( Dispensation of Heaven and Earth)


Jo Jeongsan Doju

    Doju was born at Hoemun Village, Haman District , Kyeogsang Province on December 4, 1895.

    On February 10, 1917 Doju realized the Truth of Daesunjinri and received the Religious Ordination of Sangje.

    On April, 1925, Doju established a Dojang(Sacred Temple of Daesunjinrihoe), forming a religious order, Mugeukdo.

    Doju preached and executed every method of spiritual disciplines, rituals and working rules on November, 1957.

    On March 6, 1958, Doju handed down the religious order to Dojeon through his last will and ascended to the Highest Heaven.







Park Wudang Dojeon

    Dojeon who had received the Religious Ordination from Doju re-organized the general structure of the religious system and established a religious order, Daesunjinrihoe in 1969.

    While founding five Dojang(Sacred temple), Dojeon planned and promoted sound and novel religious activities for the charitable, social welfare services and educational work.

    After Dojeon completed Samgyegongsa( Dispensation of Heaven and Earth), Dojeon ascended to Heaven on December 4, 1995.