The Integrated Virtue of Yeum and Yang

     The Harmony Between Spirits and Men

     Relieving Grudge and Living Together

     A Perfected State of Spirit and Body



    square02_darkbluegreen.gif Four Essential Points

       Peace of Mind   Security of Body  Respect of Heaven  Cultivation of Oneself

    square02_darkbluegreen.gif Three Cardinal Points

        Sincerity Reverence Faith



    Not-deceiving Oneself         ---   Opening and Clearing the spirit

    Realization of Sinseon on the Earth  ---   Remodeling the Human Beings

    Construction of Earthly Paradise       ---    Reconstructing the World




    square02_darkbluegreen.gif Four Essential Points

       Peace of Mind

      As your mind controls your behavior, your conscience must be free of any partiality or crookedness. You must not be moved by vain temptation or absurd ambition. By accomplishing this, your mind will always have security, thus achieving the objective of Daesunjinrihoe.

        Security of Body

      Your behavior which is expressed through the body represents the phenomenon of the mind. Therefore you must not act vaingloriously, but behave yourself according to the rule of courtesy and reason.

        Respect of Heaven

      You must not forget the fact that Sangje is always watching you and you should engrave the thought that you will serve Sangje eternally.

        Cultivation of Oneself

      Compose yourself and work towards a sedate mind and body. Then, you must always be aware that you are serving Sangje. And with that awareness, you must respect and celebrate Him with utmost sincerity through clear open soul.


    square02_darkbluegreen.gif Three Cardinal Points


      At the stage that you form a harmonious whole with the precept of Daesunjinrihoe, you will clear the mind and make a great contribution towards all beings in the world. As the mind controls the whole involving the body, mind dictates all. Therefore once you believe in the presence of a thing, it exists. If not, it does not exist. Sincerity() is the state of mind willing to do its best, lest there should be any deficiency in serving Sangje


      Reverence is that you behave yourself respectfully both in mind and body.


      Once you decide to believe in the precept of Daesunjinrihoe, you must not change your mind according to profit or loss, and vice or justice. You must not call 'one as two', 'that as this', and 'front as rear'. You must call it as it is. Just as season(day and night) changes constantly, and the locations of rivers and mountains are fixed permanently, so you must believe in the unchanging precept of Daesunjinrihoe. Then you can reach your expected goal. This is Faith.